Monday, December 19, 2011


Futsal went well. Really well. but its kinda awkward. fun tho. okay sambung esok bye

Sunday, December 11, 2011

He always knew.

Spent my half day with Muhammad Firdhous, ze loves one. His niece and nephew are soo cute tau.we went and buy bubble for them. Best. But i didnt have my time alone with him. Heheh, i mean, nak manjee manje lah k. Ishh :p he is the best, i tell you. Sweetest thing of all. I love you so much sayang. You has returned :') Allah knew that i'll need you now and forever. You tahu je apa yang i suka, you manja kan i, you layan my mengada ngada punya perangai. Hahaha and ada satu hari tu, dia suruh kejut nak pegi keje, but then i woke up late, calling him, dia dah ontheway. Alalala i feel guilty until now. But still, i takkk puas jumpa you tadi, mana hilang rindu doh.. Dah berapa bulan siot tak jumpa?!! Might meeting him tomorrow, Insyaallah. I swear, don't make this happiness gone, B. I love you so asdfghjkl much!!! You've changed and i like the new you! Totally. Can we start all over again? Hahaha, stay with me forever handsome! Xx

P/s: Tadi dekat rumah you, i nak terkencing sesangat gila babi, but muka i chill je, sebab i segan ada family you. Nasib lah boleh tahan lagi. Hahahahahahaha!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

5 Dis.

He notice me!!! Finally. hehe all my effort has been done. he is the sweetest thing of all, you know who you are. thak you for everything. i am the happiest girl on earth, and one da i'll reach by eye-to-eye. hehehe just wait!!!

Monday, December 05, 2011

you and i were totally different. our world is very far apart. how can we collide. our ages, mind, thinking, thoughts would never be the same. i thought you were different, just different from the others. the other jerks. but i'm wrong. you are totally the same! i expect too much from you. and now i'm on the verge of breaking down knowing how much you hurt me. you have your world and i hve mine. passion would bring us nowhere. i guess my heart has move on, but i was wrong. this goddamn heart is still wanting you, so badly. you'll never know. sometimes god give me strength, but its just not enough. idk. dk wtf is wrong. i've try. i've hurt. tooooo much. only god knows how much, but my soul still need you. i miss evrything abt you. i don't care how much tears fall for you, i just want you. notice me. why so hard? maybe god doesn't want us to be together but, hmph. fxck!
you was the only exception for me, but it has gone forever. your name has crossed my heart. so it would remain until i don't even know when. i hate you. but i can't be mad at you for too long bcs i miss you. y u no feel this? i love evrything abt you. now i know, i'll never be your girl, that one ucky girl. i'll stop hoping for nothing. goodbye.

Friday, December 02, 2011


Hi, ssup? hello december. sorry i've changed my link. for some reasons, i think it was privacy. my own privacy. I'm sorry for those yang tak tahu. hehehe macam lah my blog ni ada visitor, kalau ada why not kan. just for fun. Holidays torture me. A lot. well thanks. i cry, think, sleep, eat too much. i'm not oftenly happy like how i am when i'm at school. fuuuuuuuu holidays! i miss my bfffffff. no i didn't. but yes, i did. wth.

i'm no longer i am. i mean, i'm not like before. someone changed me. after all, i change. i become more heartless and feelingless i guess? i don't like this. been stalking Izzaq 24/7 and now i just found out that he got his own choice already :( nama perempuan tu "syaza" oh mai god i'm so fucking bloody jealous of her and how izzaq layan her. kill me now pls? hm :( i can jump of a building rn!! but who am i? you can ask whoever in Klang, mesti diorang tak kenal. lagi izzaaq. fffff! that is why i become so different. spend more time in room. alone. always. it makes me feel better. but i didn't laugh often. idk why, something fishy is going on in my heart. i spend lots of time w mom. she makes me feel incredible.

I HATE MY LOVE LIFE. i wish i was never born k. world is cruel, unfair! i'm regret. really.

i'm still dissapointed abt izzaq. ugh. i hate everyone. Aku dah macam tak ada perasaan tau? entah sampai bila. i'll just move on. i think thats all. banyak nak cerita, but i have no words. clueless pulak hujan hujan ni. sigh. bye.

note-to-self: dear heart, please just move just move the fuck on k? thanks.
note-to-self: don't stop being robot.