Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Me likeyyy

Cerita The Proposal best gilaaa doh! Sweet plus Andrew Paxton tuu hensem wooo, dengan muscle dia, lepastu six pack lagiii, wahh tergugat iman tengok dia time dia terlanggar Sandra Bullock tuu, OMG! Kann besr kalau lakii aku propose aku mcm tuu kan? Sape yang taknak weh? Hahaha, best gila gila, nak tengok lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

B to the LANK

okay, lama tak update (Y) this monday back to school, i was like damn bored, i lost my school shoes and it was all scha's fault! Its totally ruined my sunday mood ;/ monday was o-o-o-o-okay lahhhh -.- not that bad, hmmph, move on to today, got al-azhar exam's. our relationship is getting better since we've promised to stop killing each others, for our sake :D kadang kadang, theres a bitch still wants to ruined us, but b handle it gently, haha :P Exam was great ;) had a tonnes of laugh with Aida ;D I am so not going to school tomorrow, whoops wee weehuuu. I got a pretty interesting planned with Gloria Ck :) aida invite me for badminton event tomorrow, i don't know if i can make it, sorrryy girls :/ i miss the baby like a lot right now, erghh :( i think im done, nights readers, keepin up with me on twittah (Y)

Ps ; im waiting for my blackberry :(
Pss ; can't wait for my saturday, my only plan is to annoy my sister, scha by using her RM250 MPH voucher, hihi
Psss ; im awesome

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Whooopssss! Now i dah ada FOURSQUARE, HOOTSUITE, TWEETDECK and UBERTWITTER, yeayyy add lah for those yang ada this account. Search ; Syue Grr
Thnks :D my baby ada twitter je, HAHA ;P