Tuesday, October 26, 2010

B to the LANK

okay, lama tak update (Y) this monday back to school, i was like damn bored, i lost my school shoes and it was all scha's fault! Its totally ruined my sunday mood ;/ monday was o-o-o-o-okay lahhhh -.- not that bad, hmmph, move on to today, got al-azhar exam's. our relationship is getting better since we've promised to stop killing each others, for our sake :D kadang kadang, theres a bitch still wants to ruined us, but b handle it gently, haha :P Exam was great ;) had a tonnes of laugh with Aida ;D I am so not going to school tomorrow, whoops wee weehuuu. I got a pretty interesting planned with Gloria Ck :) aida invite me for badminton event tomorrow, i don't know if i can make it, sorrryy girls :/ i miss the baby like a lot right now, erghh :( i think im done, nights readers, keepin up with me on twittah (Y)

Ps ; im waiting for my blackberry :(
Pss ; can't wait for my saturday, my only plan is to annoy my sister, scha by using her RM250 MPH voucher, hihi
Psss ; im awesome