Monday, May 09, 2011

9 May 2011

hey! decided myself not to go to school tooooooday, because i have no mood, and headache summore. i'm reallly scared of my mid term, its like the biggest thing i have to think. i only revise addmath and some biology exercise, omg, please no red marks in my result again :( ash futhered his studies today at Management And Science University, Shah Alam. you can't IMAGINE HOW JEALOUS I AM OF HIM :'( i really want to get this SPM shit over and fly to another U or something. i'm sick of school pls. hihi :) might lepak with boyf on evening since he's back from Genting! hikkkhokkk :* i'm so excited for Marimar's episode today, lalala. i miss Aida and Hasanah. Monday was very thrill. thank god i didn't have any big problem with dd, just pls no trouble in May pls. i was beyond depressed. kbai

Sunday, May 08, 2011

may may may

sebenarnya excited sangat this May. you know why? sbb birthday aku lah. hihi :> 23may nii. tapi masa tu exam ;( hmph nvm. celebrate on june. yeay, mak cakap if A in all subjects mid term ni, dapat blackberry, omg seriously, i would die for it. we'll see soon. oh yes, boyfriend pergi genting since yesterday and im all alone here. even dia dekat sana, he still soooo sweet and so all. heee :D
i F***** hate uzair. i never expect that he such a backstabber. ok wtv, girlfriends first kan? go die.
btw, happy mother's day! i love my mom, she's my cereal to my soul. school was fun. im just nervous for this exam. really big exam. i don't want to let my mom down. hmph. it start on 12may and end on 27may. how long is that?! blergh. okay, nak cakap nii, i love my modmaths teacher! hahaha. she's really sweet. you know what? aku dengar memacam cite pasal sekolah lama tu. sooo much bad news instead of good news. but aku siapa kan? nanti yang lain cakap apa pulak. so taknak bagitahu, tettttttttt. haha :') okay i think i'm done. see you guys dekat pasar ahad! hahaha say hello, aku pergi pukul 6. cehhhhhh :p okay bye.

ps : 15days to gooooooooooooo!
pss ; boyprenn kita tu, kita sayang sangat. hihiihihokkk