Sunday, July 31, 2011


hey all. assalamualaikum. hihi :p lama tak update right? school was fine and fun. sometimes mcm F. oh well, tonight pengumuman puasa. happy ramadhan all :) *tak sabar nak terawih* nyehehe.
this tuesday, im having an exam, so yeah, btter get all prepared right? besides, Aida is my classmates now. so im not in my comfort zone now. im currently reading novel baru, tajuknya "dia lebih mengerti" written by Norhayati Berahim.

start baca pagi tadi and malam ni, baru habis. haaaaaaaaaa penat~ kene habis kan today jugak, sbb exam da dekat. hehe well, nak study lagi kan :p oh my god cerita tu sumpah best gila macm asdfghjkl okay? tak tipu niiii. Abid tu mcm sweeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttt nak mampus. tapi endingnya buat my tears falling down by itself k. heheh *melayan* whatever, tapi cerita tu best! i worth it :p

sedapnya tengok starbucks tu kan? ergh. lama dah tak minum sejak boypreng tak belanja. hahaha :p okay lah bye. will update soon tau! love all :)

p/s : i take a chances and risk at the same time by updating this.

jangan baca yang atas ni. aku je yang faham. hahaha lalala :*

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

okay. today was stressful. my visitors is increasing, hehe so happy i am! Facebook is being upgrade, so i update this to break the boredom.

teacher give tonnes of homework. aku bengang gila dengan cikgu english tu like, asdfghjkl! dia suruh buat 11 essay, and hantar esok. say whattttttttttt? ```` kan? kalau korang? mesti tak datang, atau skip class kan? aku rasa baik skip class. ergh.

gamba atas tu, comel tak? eheheheh. hari ni pergi carik bahan oral w/ Aida, then bail tu thought nak lepak dengan Muhammad Firdhous tuu, but dia tido. call punya call, 6.30 baru bangun. aiyerrrrrr -,- dah tak sempat ah, dah nak maghrib. i miss him :/

hehe mak boyfriend kita tu cakap, muka kita mcm cina. maybe kita ikut nenek kita kot. hahahah :D

ok bye!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

hello. i had a holiday today. no school. we had a fight last night so i decide to absent. it is affecting everything. ugh.. okay now, i don't know why everyone is being so mean towards me, why they hate me so bad? :/ first, mom and now boyfriend. i miss him for god sake. i don't know what is going on between us. I miss him :'(

everyday was very thrilled to me. all things is beyond my control. everything annoyed me. ughhh ;/ i just can die already. it wasn't easy to pretend that nothing is going on. it is so hard to hold my ego's wall. it hurts me. a lot :(why do i have to go through all this? this is too hard.. but i am pleased with all this. God knows everything..

i miss us. i love you wholeheartedly. i'm hoping tomorrow would be nice to me. goodnight loves :(

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


helo bloggers! and readers. sorry the previous update was so-so-boring. i know. so todayyyyyyy, went Stadium for MGS's sports day. i was involved in perbarisan for rangers. arrived at 6.45 in the morning with Aida :D so the venue was start at 7am. the perasmian and the events semua. boring lepas kawad tuuu. Aida passed out masa the perbarisan thingy. omg she issssssss making me worried :/ was about to join the 100m run comp, but then i changed my mind. nyehehe. was so malas. panas gila babs pulak tu k. then memang happening masa penutup tu. balik with Aida again. i am now at home updating thissss. hungry as jbcejhucsbdb. K.

i just finished my novel which is "yang mana satu?" story. it was quite boring. but okay lah. it just the character in the book remind me of someone. Ryian, his characteristic sangat sama dengan Uzair. okay whatever. i just suddenly teringat. and Zarith remind me off dd. lovely boyfriend :D tehehe. siapa yang dah baca cerita tu, know who the hell i'm talking about kan? :p

but i was not pleased with the ending. macam tergantung liddat. Ryian tu kahwin ke dengan Farhana? hmm. it would be good if Indah get married dengan Ryian who is more sweet, gentle, kind, pious, much more better than Zarith! but it is impossible okay. whatever it is, Indah still bahagia dengan Zarith. hehehe :D

Aizat is getting his kidney operation today. i'm so scared. dd tell me that dia suruh bagitahu semua. hope dia tak ada apa-apa. i keep my prayers for you, Aizat. may faith be with you :)

i don't know why, I think nama "Zarith" tu kinda cute. kannnnnnn? don't you think?
hehee might date with dd or so called Zarith today. hehe. weekly date. hahah im going to the kitchen. lapar gila babs. bye!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

have you had the most painful day ever? and suddenly someone from your past came back to cheer you up. someone that have broke your heart and at the same time making your life wonderful. do you ever need the person ever again? to me, i won't accept. leaving my heart into pieces and now you're being such an angel to me? never again. i used to fall over and over again. now, never again. eventhough i know this feeling and scars won't go away. but whatever, you're just my another past mistake.

was on-the-phone with boyfriend just now. suddenly he hang up saying that he got something to do. so i am forcely have to hang up. dissapointed, a bit. whatever. thank god i have my so called bestfriends to make me laugh. laugh ass out.

school was fun today. had so many events.

oookay that was it. boyfriend called back. but i lost my mood. the previous mood. he's not being himself when he's with his friend. totally not. so i decided to hang up. padan muka.

i guess i should sleep now. its 2 am already. so yeah, goodnight blogloves. i love all.