Saturday, July 31, 2010

i wanna go mtv world stage, im sorry Katy Perry, I can't make it due to my schedule was damn packed! :(
oh yes, bie gave me THE BODY SHOP perfume, it smellss vanilla, hmmphhhmmm so niceeee, i loikeee! :D
i love you gilaaaaa :* ok i'll keep tweeting, bye!

ps : tweet me!

I love this

Australia's next top model :)


semalam dapat jumpa bie kejap. then die kate dah nkpegi perak :( 3 hari plak tu. hmmphh.\im going to miss youu bbie :'(


Ikha Jalvich && Adrianna Edwin.

Ikha : seluar hitam tu
Adrianna : skirt light-blue

I Love You

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

alhamdulilah, selesai puasa hari nie :) I got 71% for science, damn ! :(

Friday, July 23, 2010


budak masuk air. I miss You, auww kasut tuh, RINDUU

Thursday, July 22, 2010


stop acting like a slut -.-
I got a MATH paper tomorrow. wehuu, can't wait! pray for me :PP
sejarah paper tadii best! yakin nihh boleh A, insyaallah :)
weehuuuu, i lo-lo-lo-loveeeeeeeee the science paper for today :DDD
3.30pm, went aeon with my lovely mama. hhaah, mama is not working today. i loikeeeeee!
buying some groceries thangs, since dah nk puasa lah kan. ok then, im ready for it.
then, mama is being veryyyy kind-hearted todayyy, she buy me A BUCKET HANDBAG (!) wthell?
thousands thanks to you mama, I LOVE YOU FOR SURE. I'm so glad I found you. muah muah :*

Ps: so the most wanted thing (bucket handbag) is CHECK! i just need a washed jeans now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

i'll be okay. but not today and tomorrow.

exam is killing me! arab was like, babi susahhh! grr -.- went home, got no credits to text him. okay fine. sent scha to neli's house, and I almost got an accident, oh mygee, im scared :(( what a bad day! tuition was like, hmmphhh :(

ps: today is not the one of these good days,
pss : what's wrong with the keyboard? bodohhh.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

huaaaaaaaa :'(

PMR is coming. just another 2months from now. oh my god. susah ke? ==' pray for me, so today pergi ACS canteen days, BORED. but happy dapat lepak dgn zairul tersayang and atonn. i miss you like hell. okay, td amek result, i just got 1A wtf? grrrr -.- mama dah membebelllll, grr tension sial.
from now onwards, no more :-
  • handphone
  • lepakingg
  • hangout
  • tidur 24jam
  • texting
  • chatting
  • shopping
  • movies
until my PMR's over. huaaaa :'( *chill syud, just two months, you can do it, yeahh.

Friday, July 16, 2010

most wanted

  • domo kun -------> CHECK
  • new shirts --------> CHECK
  • mango tshirts --------> CHECK
  • bucket handbag -------> not yet :(
  • washed jeans ---------> not yet :(
  • blackberry --------> not yet :(
  • new contact lense ------> CHECK

ohh i need the handbag so bad :'(

i wanna get rich, i wanna be perfect, how?

Monday, July 12, 2010

coollestttt :)

yang terlibat :
  • farahani (baju pink stripes tuh)
  • nad (the baju biru one)
  • birthday girl (baju sekolah, haha :p)
  • aida (baju ungu, cardigan pink)
  • suhana (baju pink tudung hitam)
  • fatin atiqah (baju putih starbucks tu)
its cool today. school was bored. i slept at the assembly. hihi :D
then im home at 4.40pm. huhh -.- harini birthday hasanah. oh ya, dah plan nk baling tepung, buat suprises nihh. 6.00pm sume dah kumpul kat rumah fatin atiqa(baju putih). then picked up nad (the baju biru one) 6.30pm baru acara nk mula, hadoii -.- then suhana (yang baju pink tudung hitam tuu) pergi la bagi salam kat rumah birthday girl. kitorang sume menyorok dkt tepi, then die keluar je, teros campak tepunggg, wusssssssshhhhhhhhh amek kau, putih semuanya. haahaha, memang gelak tahap sakan lah mase tu. :P
ahahah, then sue baling dekat aku, haih kurang aja kau. nad pun same, ishh. tak suke! habisss putih sume, then bagi la cupcake tu. dgn hadiah comel, auww. ahahhahah :D
dah nk balik tuh, nmpak farid aizat, hahaha malu hanjengg pulak :p
memangg best gilaaa babii. nyanyi2 sume, dah pukol 7.10pm. aku nk balik, sbb tusyen :( kalau tak boleh lame sikit. then, salam2, muahh muahh sume, blahh. haahh :p
thats all, sumpah memang tak bole lupa nih. tak puas do td. tak dapat bnyk sgt gambar.
it really gain my mood back, since mase tuh mmg takde mood gilaa babi.

okay , bye, love :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010


went Aeon with homies last night, having a Big Apple donuts. then, went MNG, ohmyyyyyyy, they're having a sale yoo! i found my favourite jeans, its 70% discount! wtf? from Rm159 to Rm99, its cheap right? this is my only chance :D
persuade mama and papa, but their decision is NO! hmmmphh, wtv -.-
okay lookk, its make me crazyyyyy!

MNG : 70% sale!
GUESS : 50% sale!
PDI : 70% sale!
PADINI : 70% sale!
SUBZERO : 50% sale!
ESPRIT : 50% sale!

grrrr -.- mama, nk jeans tuh! nk jugak! no matter what, i'll get Rm400 from mama and papa just after my MIBF exam's over :p
can't wait!

after that, we're watching Toy Story 3 3D. well, it was so last night. the 3D sunglasses its coolio :o well the movies is not that bad, not thattttttttt bad -.-
okay enough for that, went home at 10.30pm, fuckin exhausted :(
waiting for b to text me if he could, but he couldn't :'( im trulyy miss him, its been 3days i didn't met him, huaaaaaa :'(


ulcer's pain :'(

Friday, July 09, 2010


omg, i got an ulcer's. its killing me softly!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


wee hoo! finally, i got the shirts that b buy for me! isn't it cute? yeahh i loikeeeee! its perfect in size tho. thanks b :*

Sunday, July 04, 2010

  • have fun with families
  • laugh ass out with loverboy
  • music
  • midnight phone-calls
  • movies
  • cool cars
  • topless male model
  • chilling
  • skateboarding
  • guitar
  • starbucks
  • airplaness
  • shorts
  • sleeveless
  • bucket handbag
  • domo-kun

ohh yeahh, its my life


hahahah, bole mampos lahh kau bitchhh(!)

bieeeeeeeeee ♥

ohhh, i love midnight phone-calls where i can get youuuuuuuu all mineeeeeeeeeeeeeee


die bitch die! GET A LIFE LAH. kau dgn dia boleh pergi mampos(!) ade aku herannnnnn ke?
ehhh tak batak mcm kau bodohhhhhhhhhh! sume kau nak. sakaiiiiiii siallll kau, ingat aku nk ke dkt dia? sikit pun tak herannnn. PUKIMAK(!) middle finger up


fuck you bitch! get a life lahh slut! bodohh anjengggg! kau nk dia? amek lah sialllllllll, pukimak bodoh! tak heran laa babiiiiiiiiiii

Friday, July 02, 2010


hello july! i've been waiting forr yaa. hahaha :D im fuckin bored right now, hahah ym-ing with uzair. but tak dpt webcam-ing. ahaha ishh -.-

fucked up!

I need A peace )': take me awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Aina just say this to me : kau nie, npe skrg bad mood je? where is your funny little laugh?
and i was like : tahh. it's lost maybe, i'm going to find it later.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


I don't feel that good since yesterday. but smlm my mood was okay. at night je macam babiiiiii. tapi today, haish I feel like damn pissed off. didn't had any fun. ahhhhh what a fucked life. I feel like going out, but no where to go. so damnit! haish -.-
now, I'm doing nothing. staying home with scha again and damn bored. online like 24/7, everyday kottt macamtu. haish. okay then. I'm texting b and uzair.

Its already 1135pm, still I didn't take any dinner yet. okay, dietttt gila lah? NOT! takde mood nak makan. haish anyone could kill me now pls? or come and take me away to anywhere ke? ERGH -.- i feel like killing myself now!