Thursday, July 01, 2010


I don't feel that good since yesterday. but smlm my mood was okay. at night je macam babiiiiii. tapi today, haish I feel like damn pissed off. didn't had any fun. ahhhhh what a fucked life. I feel like going out, but no where to go. so damnit! haish -.-
now, I'm doing nothing. staying home with scha again and damn bored. online like 24/7, everyday kottt macamtu. haish. okay then. I'm texting b and uzair.

Its already 1135pm, still I didn't take any dinner yet. okay, dietttt gila lah? NOT! takde mood nak makan. haish anyone could kill me now pls? or come and take me away to anywhere ke? ERGH -.- i feel like killing myself now!