Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I hate my monday fer like seriously. but i'm getting myself cool with it. haish -.- okay, i just uhm takde mood for the whole day. i ate for once today. lunch je. since i got no mood to do anything excepts story telling to the best friends. yeah, thats it. i am totally not in mood today. feeling down as well. and i am getting sick of everything.
3.25am i am having a little conversation with eyra. since i gotta share with her. i just can't sleep not even feel sleepy, yet. on-the-phone with nadd. well, thanks for the called. i really appreciate. and yet, you guys treated me well in a way. I so gonna called you as bestfriends. oh thanks to those who trying to cheer me up.

school today was like, hmphh pretty bored -.- yah!
i'm no more late to school, yeahh alhamdulillah for that. :) mathematics was awesome! haha, then move to science class. then recess for 20 minutes, and continue with arab. arab was frigging cool ;) history class, damn noise. I laugh ass out with Aina, while the cute teacher are teaching us. talked and laughed! cool! hihi. and ended with english class, english was like, okayy la. not thattt bad -.- well, i was like fucking damn bored right now. since everyone seems busy with their own stuffs. so yeah, i keep on doing the same as usual. Facebook Ym Tumblr and blahblahblah.

I am now ym-ing with k.yana, and Facebook wall to wall with Lia, -- i guess she could cheers me up. i hope -.-