Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 scenarios.

assalamualaikum all. evening :) first thing of all, sorry sangat dah janji nak update tapi i can't :( i'm having spm this year, so jadual tu memang super pack i tell you. hmph. too tired dol. not enough sleep, social network lagi lah. worse. i can't imagine how busy i am on August and the following months. arrrghh! but i see my viewers tetap meningkat, rajin korang bukak. heh loves lah. xxx. act banyak nak cerita, but where do i start? hahahah too many!!!!

school- went well. nice classmate. interesting teacher except Biology. i love the subjct, but the teacher made me turn off :( others was fine. super fine.

life- not pretty good. get exhausted very often. ho do i get rid of it?

love life- won't say anything. i didn't focused on that, really. i just in love with my books. that all.

my english suck big time. too ashamed of that. help....
okay tu je nak cakap, will update tapi maybe bulan 1, 2013. hahaha.

okay, i've to pick Iqmal up, sent Hasanah's shirt, revision, homework, jogging and badminton at 8pm. how pack right? ugh. till then, assalamualaikum.

ps: still in love with Izzaq, hahahaha.