Tuesday, October 25, 2011

truth in me.

the last messages from you was.. undescribable.

it shocked me up. like really. i never expected. i know im the one who said good bye. and have reason for that. people always say that we're "unbreakable" but now? i'm the one who ruined everything isn't it? you don't know how hard it was to move on and pretend like nothing happen to me. its killing me inside.. but i still can smile. the scars? it would never be healed. by everything.. except having you back. just like before. but I know it can't be. never in a lifetime..
everyone is like trying to break me down :( i promise its over now.. everyone is so heartless! i keep myself busy with some crappy things. only to throw away you from my freaking mind. well for the followers, i am sorry by updating this. i know mesti u guys think that i'm stupid, lunaticly in love? i know the previous post pun pasal F. i'm sorry. maybe sampai bila-bila I'll still be updating something like this.
yknow i still can't accept the fact, i don't know why.. maybe i would someday if and only if i found someone like you.. baby, i'm gone.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

free birds!

hi all. sorry. i was sleeping earlier than usual last night. on 8.45pm. say what? so fucking early right? hehehe. i was so tired abt exam and etc. woke up at 5 in the morning. grab the usual entertainment and new tabbing the social network. twitter and facebook.
facebook was bored to maxzz. so i keep on doing what im doing, twitter is okay, thank you new followers. hehehe. so i discover something on facebook. this time my enthusiasm is more on facebook. more vigour. i know nobody cares. hell yes. oh god that is so unpredictable! noo i won't tell you what, this is some kind of privacy yknow? but the clue is its not good. for me. no. bad news. but imma chill child. who gives shit? only who knows, will know. someday. crack that.

exam is over. i mean, not really over. i'm still stuck on acc projects, shit man. i was abt to enjoying my hols! i still got paper 3 to be done with. well, hello. i hope i do the best for last year.
baby tee's class dah siap! its was so high-priced, hm i'll make an effort.

thousands invitation for futsal at 9, hm idk. im going when aida's going. yknow my tips. its already 7. the scenery in home is not sooo gallant. i perfer school. but it suck either. so i perfer looking somwhere outside.. i got beaten by temptation. some kind of that. it was though. no offense. is there any excuses that can be mine? i'm better off alone. i'm visiting this one particular blog, omg lagu dia! bestnya! but i don't even know what was the title.. suck. i want it so bad.

my love life is soooooooooo uncool. please don't ask me why.. bye X

Saturday, October 08, 2011

All Ended..

had a terrible night after tuition yesterday. i know i was gonna cry.. it was about dd. we broke up. all about future. i'm sorry. i have my own future. i have to move on. i know a lot of girls would love you as much as i do. or even more. who knows? im really sorry. i miss you so much, you would never know how much.. if we were really meant to be each other, nothing would stop us to be together okay? i love you so much, i will miss us, i would came back to my old days, where i lost you. i guess im just gonna face it, nobody on my side anymore. please dont hold your grudges towards me, i want it to be fine between us k baby? i miss you thousands.. but im just hide that and keep building my ego's wall higher you know. i know you'll hate me. no offense. all i wanna say is, you're my last love, i would never forget you. i know you wouldn't read this. or one day maybe you will? God. i love you sayang. please take a good care. and be happy without me. just at least try, to be much more happier than before kay? i can be happy for you. i know one girl is waiting for you, and i don't know if it was me or someone else, i just leave it to God.

i'm still can't accept the fact tht i'm no longer your girl. but i'll learn to accept that some day, goodnight Muhammad Firdhous bin Abdul Karim. goodbye my one and only heart.