Tuesday, October 25, 2011

truth in me.

the last messages from you was.. undescribable.

it shocked me up. like really. i never expected. i know im the one who said good bye. and have reason for that. people always say that we're "unbreakable" but now? i'm the one who ruined everything isn't it? you don't know how hard it was to move on and pretend like nothing happen to me. its killing me inside.. but i still can smile. the scars? it would never be healed. by everything.. except having you back. just like before. but I know it can't be. never in a lifetime..
everyone is like trying to break me down :( i promise its over now.. everyone is so heartless! i keep myself busy with some crappy things. only to throw away you from my freaking mind. well for the followers, i am sorry by updating this. i know mesti u guys think that i'm stupid, lunaticly in love? i know the previous post pun pasal F. i'm sorry. maybe sampai bila-bila I'll still be updating something like this.
yknow i still can't accept the fact, i don't know why.. maybe i would someday if and only if i found someone like you.. baby, i'm gone.