Monday, February 28, 2011

Captured the best

26.02.2011 -- baby's 18th birthday. Wish him at 3.28am since i tertidur at 11pm. I'm planning to wish right 12am, but too bad. Sorry baby :(
Went sunway at 11.30pm .Arrived at sunway, i feel like pee-ing. Heee, good start en? Then, went Cotton On, Ruffey Id and some others shop. Saw this suicidal vans shoe at cotton on, it just RM50?! Cheapp gila babi (y) but yknow, ain't got no money in pocket nemore. Had scored myself for others thingy. I feel like crying there :( WHY I DON'T SEE YOU FIRST, VANS. Blergh! Went Catch Up. So cutee (y) hihi. Went CRS for lunchy. Dah kenyang, lepak at Lagoon since baby wanna smoke. -.- chillin about50minutes there, capture some shots. then, went Starbucks Coffee for some drinks before we went back home, baby buy me Chocolate Chip Cream and he buy Scha Vanilla Latte. So pemurah kan? Birthday boy kannnnnnnnnn :D went home at 6.30pm. And thts the ending. iloveyou, thanks birthday boy! hihihi baby love me though. I knowwww. Bye! xx will upload some pictures :)