Wednesday, July 06, 2011

hello. i had a holiday today. no school. we had a fight last night so i decide to absent. it is affecting everything. ugh.. okay now, i don't know why everyone is being so mean towards me, why they hate me so bad? :/ first, mom and now boyfriend. i miss him for god sake. i don't know what is going on between us. I miss him :'(

everyday was very thrilled to me. all things is beyond my control. everything annoyed me. ughhh ;/ i just can die already. it wasn't easy to pretend that nothing is going on. it is so hard to hold my ego's wall. it hurts me. a lot :(why do i have to go through all this? this is too hard.. but i am pleased with all this. God knows everything..

i miss us. i love you wholeheartedly. i'm hoping tomorrow would be nice to me. goodnight loves :(