Tuesday, July 05, 2011


helo bloggers! and readers. sorry the previous update was so-so-boring. i know. so todayyyyyyy, went Stadium for MGS's sports day. i was involved in perbarisan for rangers. arrived at 6.45 in the morning with Aida :D so the venue was start at 7am. the perasmian and the events semua. boring lepas kawad tuuu. Aida passed out masa the perbarisan thingy. omg she issssssss making me worried :/ was about to join the 100m run comp, but then i changed my mind. nyehehe. was so malas. panas gila babs pulak tu k. then memang happening masa penutup tu. balik with Aida again. i am now at home updating thissss. hungry as jbcejhucsbdb. K.

i just finished my novel which is "yang mana satu?" story. it was quite boring. but okay lah. it just the character in the book remind me of someone. Ryian, his characteristic sangat sama dengan Uzair. okay whatever. i just suddenly teringat. and Zarith remind me off dd. lovely boyfriend :D tehehe. siapa yang dah baca cerita tu, know who the hell i'm talking about kan? :p

but i was not pleased with the ending. macam tergantung liddat. Ryian tu kahwin ke dengan Farhana? hmm. it would be good if Indah get married dengan Ryian who is more sweet, gentle, kind, pious, much more better than Zarith! but it is impossible okay. whatever it is, Indah still bahagia dengan Zarith. hehehe :D

Aizat is getting his kidney operation today. i'm so scared. dd tell me that dia suruh bagitahu semua. hope dia tak ada apa-apa. i keep my prayers for you, Aizat. may faith be with you :)

i don't know why, I think nama "Zarith" tu kinda cute. kannnnnnn? don't you think?
hehee might date with dd or so called Zarith today. hehe. weekly date. hahah im going to the kitchen. lapar gila babs. bye!