Sunday, July 03, 2011

have you had the most painful day ever? and suddenly someone from your past came back to cheer you up. someone that have broke your heart and at the same time making your life wonderful. do you ever need the person ever again? to me, i won't accept. leaving my heart into pieces and now you're being such an angel to me? never again. i used to fall over and over again. now, never again. eventhough i know this feeling and scars won't go away. but whatever, you're just my another past mistake.

was on-the-phone with boyfriend just now. suddenly he hang up saying that he got something to do. so i am forcely have to hang up. dissapointed, a bit. whatever. thank god i have my so called bestfriends to make me laugh. laugh ass out.

school was fun today. had so many events.

oookay that was it. boyfriend called back. but i lost my mood. the previous mood. he's not being himself when he's with his friend. totally not. so i decided to hang up. padan muka.

i guess i should sleep now. its 2 am already. so yeah, goodnight blogloves. i love all.