Sunday, June 26, 2011

i am sick. things that i expect to be fun, stay longer has become worst in a short time. went school on Saturday for my futsal tournament. we got 4th place since the referee is being so unfair. fuck man. reached home at 1pm. my leg was so painful. i can't even walk too much. i've promise boyf to make up on him on that day, but i couldn't. its not i didn't want to meet him up. i just can't. i am sorry. i gotta help my mom. really sorry :( boyf didn't say a word about it. so we move on. things went pretty well.

today, i couldn't meet him again. sebab tak ada kenderaan nak amik dia :/ that was technical problem. its not what i plan :/ hmm. boyf is pissed. i am sorry for everything. i know i've promised you, but it was not my fault :( my leg is not getting better, it was painful. painful to the max i tell you. i cannot bend it :(

wtv. boyf is ignoring me now. i know he hates me. i bukan sengaja. sumpah. my weekend was very thrill. so much bad things happened. i won't go to school tomorrw. since this mood and legs is vsduyewqrewownjcs ugh! this is suck! i am down to the dump. my mood is beyond control. i am sorry for the curse word. bye