Monday, May 09, 2011

9 May 2011

hey! decided myself not to go to school tooooooday, because i have no mood, and headache summore. i'm reallly scared of my mid term, its like the biggest thing i have to think. i only revise addmath and some biology exercise, omg, please no red marks in my result again :( ash futhered his studies today at Management And Science University, Shah Alam. you can't IMAGINE HOW JEALOUS I AM OF HIM :'( i really want to get this SPM shit over and fly to another U or something. i'm sick of school pls. hihi :) might lepak with boyf on evening since he's back from Genting! hikkkhokkk :* i'm so excited for Marimar's episode today, lalala. i miss Aida and Hasanah. Monday was very thrill. thank god i didn't have any big problem with dd, just pls no trouble in May pls. i was beyond depressed. kbai