Monday, December 05, 2011

you and i were totally different. our world is very far apart. how can we collide. our ages, mind, thinking, thoughts would never be the same. i thought you were different, just different from the others. the other jerks. but i'm wrong. you are totally the same! i expect too much from you. and now i'm on the verge of breaking down knowing how much you hurt me. you have your world and i hve mine. passion would bring us nowhere. i guess my heart has move on, but i was wrong. this goddamn heart is still wanting you, so badly. you'll never know. sometimes god give me strength, but its just not enough. idk. dk wtf is wrong. i've try. i've hurt. tooooo much. only god knows how much, but my soul still need you. i miss evrything abt you. i don't care how much tears fall for you, i just want you. notice me. why so hard? maybe god doesn't want us to be together but, hmph. fxck!
you was the only exception for me, but it has gone forever. your name has crossed my heart. so it would remain until i don't even know when. i hate you. but i can't be mad at you for too long bcs i miss you. y u no feel this? i love evrything abt you. now i know, i'll never be your girl, that one ucky girl. i'll stop hoping for nothing. goodbye.