Friday, December 02, 2011


Hi, ssup? hello december. sorry i've changed my link. for some reasons, i think it was privacy. my own privacy. I'm sorry for those yang tak tahu. hehehe macam lah my blog ni ada visitor, kalau ada why not kan. just for fun. Holidays torture me. A lot. well thanks. i cry, think, sleep, eat too much. i'm not oftenly happy like how i am when i'm at school. fuuuuuuuu holidays! i miss my bfffffff. no i didn't. but yes, i did. wth.

i'm no longer i am. i mean, i'm not like before. someone changed me. after all, i change. i become more heartless and feelingless i guess? i don't like this. been stalking Izzaq 24/7 and now i just found out that he got his own choice already :( nama perempuan tu "syaza" oh mai god i'm so fucking bloody jealous of her and how izzaq layan her. kill me now pls? hm :( i can jump of a building rn!! but who am i? you can ask whoever in Klang, mesti diorang tak kenal. lagi izzaaq. fffff! that is why i become so different. spend more time in room. alone. always. it makes me feel better. but i didn't laugh often. idk why, something fishy is going on in my heart. i spend lots of time w mom. she makes me feel incredible.

I HATE MY LOVE LIFE. i wish i was never born k. world is cruel, unfair! i'm regret. really.

i'm still dissapointed abt izzaq. ugh. i hate everyone. Aku dah macam tak ada perasaan tau? entah sampai bila. i'll just move on. i think thats all. banyak nak cerita, but i have no words. clueless pulak hujan hujan ni. sigh. bye.

note-to-self: dear heart, please just move just move the fuck on k? thanks.
note-to-self: don't stop being robot.