Sunday, December 11, 2011

He always knew.

Spent my half day with Muhammad Firdhous, ze loves one. His niece and nephew are soo cute tau.we went and buy bubble for them. Best. But i didnt have my time alone with him. Heheh, i mean, nak manjee manje lah k. Ishh :p he is the best, i tell you. Sweetest thing of all. I love you so much sayang. You has returned :') Allah knew that i'll need you now and forever. You tahu je apa yang i suka, you manja kan i, you layan my mengada ngada punya perangai. Hahaha and ada satu hari tu, dia suruh kejut nak pegi keje, but then i woke up late, calling him, dia dah ontheway. Alalala i feel guilty until now. But still, i takkk puas jumpa you tadi, mana hilang rindu doh.. Dah berapa bulan siot tak jumpa?!! Might meeting him tomorrow, Insyaallah. I swear, don't make this happiness gone, B. I love you so asdfghjkl much!!! You've changed and i like the new you! Totally. Can we start all over again? Hahaha, stay with me forever handsome! Xx

P/s: Tadi dekat rumah you, i nak terkencing sesangat gila babi, but muka i chill je, sebab i segan ada family you. Nasib lah boleh tahan lagi. Hahahahahahaha!