Tuesday, June 22, 2010


ok yeahh, im back to school -,- monday was okay, sbb we only study after recess, HAHA, ceramah was freakingg boring. then blah blah, study mcm biase, and i get a bad result for exam :( i feel like killing myself now. after school session ends, bie picked me up at school. thanks b for that :) b sent me at home, and he ask me to tukar baju, then i ask him " ha? where we're going b? " then he said, " mkn laa, tak lapar ke gemokk? " ahhaa, and i change my clothes and go for eat :D then, 4.30pm, he sent me at home. im exhausted :( then at 5.40pm, bie call me, and said, " sayanggg, keluar jom, bosann :( " hahaha, sebok je b, kacau i tido :D then, we go out at 5.55 pm, then he sent me at 7.00pm. im having fun with him, indeed i love you! haahaha :) thats the end for my monday.