Thursday, June 24, 2010


school was fuck (!) firstly, we're having a school session like usual, and all of a sudden, SUHAILA pass out. im not suprised ==' she was beside me when she pass out, but i didn't help her, GOOD FRIENDS , am i ? hahahha :P okay, enough for that. i was so fucked up with the boys in the class, BODOH HANJENGG! they talk badly about me, just because i didn't help suhaila. derrr, immatured anjingg(!) then, i share this nonsense with nadd my superb besties, auww. thanks nadd for being my side, and gain my mood back. seriously, iloveyouuu. HAHA, LAHANAT ANJINGG! come on, get a life bodoh! suke hati aku lah nk tolong ke taknak, sebokk babiiiii. okay, syud, enough. then 2.45pm im straight to home. today was exhausting :( then, at 4.30pm, bie picked me up, lepakingg time, weee hooo! lepakingg with bie, syafiq, iwan and me! hahha :p IT WAS QUITE FUN, iwan make a joke like a lot, hahah, its fun seriously! then 7.00pm bie sent me at home, thanks bie for your time. I Love You. thats the endd okay, erghhh i dont want to go to school tomorrow. malas nk hadap muke anjingg sekaliann. ok, bye! wait for next post okay? love.