Thursday, May 06, 2010

tired -.-

mhhhmmp, today school was fine , we're celebrating ina's birthdayy (;
haha , happy birthday (: end of my class, im straight to home. im fucking too rushed, since i've promise my b to met him today, but suddenly hujan lebat, and i met him at 4.00pm. lepakingg and laughing with him, aqil, aida, syafiq. ahahaa it was a great day, then aida nk balik, then salam my b , and byebye . 6.30 pm im watching adamaya, haha until 7.15pm, then my b was calling, imisshim!
after that i have my tuition class, i was starving that time, oh my god! math and bm was freakingg boringg, fuck yeah!

10.30 pm , papa fetch me at DELTA & JOHAN , haha, i reached home and find something to eat, finally i got CHICKEN NUGGETS! ahahh, dah mkn tu, online, blogging, well im too tired today, hihi :p thats the story ends for my thursday