Tuesday, May 04, 2010

so today school was okay. the girls being fine and yeah we are being fine like how we used to ;) I can control a bit from being asleep/sleeping in class. yeah! ;)

I feel like killing myself for yesterday, ouhh shiittttt! I slept at 5am since he called me till I feel like erghhhhhh sleepy. so then I woke up at 6.30am I don't mind. Im seriously fucked up.
I went to the tuition class, yesterday class was like freakkinggg boringg ,I didn't gave so much attention when the teacher was explaining cause Im too bored and sleepyyyyy! the b texting me before the class started, I thought of stop-ing texting but Im too bored, so Im continue-ing texting him. and bcse of that, Im blurr about today chapter.

so atlast, I gain the very good mood of mine back :)

miss my bie so much )';

im doing this in science class, fuckinn miss my bestfriendd )';