Wednesday, August 08, 2012

what did i do wrong? where did i went wrong?

Is it wrong for me just to seek your attention? your love and your care? i just want you to notice me, care about me for once. just a little bit of love, thats it. i miss the old you, totally. now in your heart, most probably too much hatred for me. i just crave some of your times, and it all screwed bcs of that stupid status update. u like to use harsh word, u dont talk politely and alluringly to me anymore, u used rough tone, and made me feel that i better stay away from you.. i'm not a happiness to you is it? tell me, i'll back off. i cried so badly after the incident, then my mom called and asked 'ko kenapa nangis?' then i said 'mana ada, org kan selsema' 'oh ok ok' i dont know what else to answer.. i hate it when it comes to this, i pray to god everyday that things would get back as how it used to be. amin.