Sunday, July 01, 2012

Third party.

you know what that means in a relationship. nobody want that to happen. mungkin ini takdir tuhan for me. i accept it strongly. i thank God for her present. i finally realised and at least learned something. it hurts like motherfucker hurts, but yeah i'm fine. you know what i do? i hold back. everything. it is not my thing to like, burst everything to evryone. nah, i just did what i did those days. hold hold back as i could. Insyaallah. you know what my dream is? nak pergi Mekah. nak sangat, kalau ada duit nak sangat buat umrah anf feel the most calm situation and environment to be in this world. ada sesiapa nak bawak I tak? haha perasan. duit pun tak ada, ilmu pun tak cukup lagi. kalau ada okay gakkkk. hahah. joking, i just made tempura prawn, tapi still tak jadi and fed up this is my fifth attempt tau! urgh pastu terendam tangan dalam minyak. terbaik! bye assalamualaikum! :)