Thursday, November 10, 2011

the heck.

accounts project done baby! after all, my perniagaan was rugi, hahaha. wtv who give shit!! asalkan aku siap ye tak? i can free my mind without all those nightmares and the "deadline" hehehehe. but i'm currently babysitting Iqmal. ugh. visit Arina and Amani just now. cute like always k k k k :B heh. I AM BORED TO DEATH ACTUALLY NOW! tengok ayat aku pun dah tahu rght? hmph. maybe i should get myself some rest. Or maybe i should start working during this holidays. i can earn my own money. watcha say? I can't wait for OMBAK RINDU, LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN 2 and TEE-SHIRT CLASS. Tee shirt classs ftw! it was like sort of jersey. so called jersey lah, with our name behind it. and of course Number! hehehe my number wasn't really well-known number, nak amik number sama dengan Aidil Zafuan yang tomeyyy tuh, but orang dah chop dulu. Ish. Suck it. but Nvm, i'll make MY number go well-known. ahahah. drivving was okay. my growth mcm stunted je? Kaki ni bila lah nak panjang sikit. ughhhhhhhhh it was retarded okay being short! that was the worst part of my life, being short. no joke. today was like panas gila. maybe i shouldn't waste my fossil fuel, my energy and my skin to be exposed to the sun by lepak outside with ze girls. i'll go dark man! okay broadband dah putus. shittt! erghhh, okay i connect it back already. i should go and make love with my bed. Till then byee~