Saturday, April 02, 2011

sweetest man alive

laptop is back! hihi boleh update hari-hari. wake up at 6am with one messages from boyfriend, he sent "ayunkkkkkkk, i miss you :( " hehe. thats definitely made my day, waking up with smile from ears to ears. bukak laptop then ada 11notifications, aihh semua from boyfriend lagi -____- he wall me " i love you sayang " banyak benda lah dia buat dengan wall aku. then, there's one word he says to me "whats the best memory you ever had? then boyf said, lepak dengan gemok saya " atotototo, ingat jugak dia ;') hihihi, then keluar pukul 7am liddat, pergi kedai mak. then blah blah balik dlm 9.30am. text baby, dia tidur pulak, haih :(

okay done with boyfriend.

school was cool. been close to viknesywary, hasanah, hani, and xin er. had a tonnes of homeworks, baru siap buat addmaths, its killing me. ugh. life been fucked up lately. and i think my Ego has increase lah lately? idk why. pissed off with boyfriend too much. sorry baby. hmph, nvmind then. might headed Tesco for groceries, and wanna scored myself one Nutella! yay :D

thats it, bye. X